Saturday, June 26, 2010

Craig's not the only one who makes lists

I don't know if it's the super control freak within me or the psychotic need to see things in writing I possess, but I love to make lists. I do it daily, although they aren't always on paper. I make lists for what I need to do each day, what I want to buy, what I like, new music I want, things I need to remember, etc. etc.
It's almost ridiculous, but what can I say? I love a good list! So when I came across this post ( on hula seventy I got really, really excited. Needless to say it put me in the list making mood once again! (not that I was ever out of that mood...)
Ok, moral of the story is I wanted to make a list and share it with you. Here is a list of things I love.

1. A surprise ball. I would love to make one of these someday. Better yet, I would love to receive one of these someday!

2. This cover of Lady Ga Ga's Bad Romance. I loathed Lady G before I saw this. Come to think of it, I still loathe her, however her songs aren't half bad when song by someone (anyone) else.

3. Orla Kiely and her magical ways of clothe-making. Seriously brilliant and stunning.

4. This:

5. Chalkboard kitchen cabinets. I seriously want to do this to my kitchen someday. Better yet, the parents are gone today...

6. Pinwheel rings
. So cute, I'm definitely making one.

7. Amazing not-so-ordinary floors. The penny one is actually really pretty, and I love the salami one!

8. Pirate captains. And this:

9. Greek yogurt with fruit. Best invention ever. I could eat it alllll day. I want some right now except we're all out. I wonder who ate the whole thing?

10. Dan Humphrey. I've been watching lots of gossip girl lately...can you tell? Don't judge me kids-the view is fantastic :)

Just a little list to make your internet adventures a little more interesting :)

3 more days til vacation time! woo! Tomorrow I am hosting a cupcake and jewelry making party for some Jr. High girls. I love the necklaces I'm teaching them how to make! hopefully they will enjoy it. Well I'm off! So much to prepare for-I need to make some lists! ;)

XOXO Ashley

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