Sunday, May 30, 2010

Just a blanket and some sunshine

Lately I have been very much in the mood for a picnic. However, the weather has been less than cooperative. This week is supposed to be sunshiney and warm, so I plan on packing a basket, grabbing a blanket & some shades, and hitting up some kind of grassy knoll. Don't tell anyone-but the picnic basket might have to be full of Mexican food from my favorite burrito joint ;).

I highly advise, dear blog readers (whoever you are), to go outside and soak in some sun. Who really believes all the experts about skin care and all that jazz anyway right? Go have a picnic, on me.

XOXO, Ashley

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Be Still, My Heart.

Um, I want this dress. No, I NEED this dress by Ric Rac.

Unfortunately, $225.25 is a little steep for the basically unemployed. What am I saying? $225.25 is a little steep for most of us.

Sigh....maybe it's not too late to convince my main squeeze to become a doctor. ;)

XOXO Ashley

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

An Ode to Amazing Television

I lied. I didn't find time to paint today, so I'm postponing my painting post for another day. I thought that I would do a tribute to some of my favorite television shows instead. Of course, this is not a complete list, I chose shows that are no longer made that I have watched my whole life. I wasn't really a normal child when it came to television-sure, I had a few bouts with the Disney Channel, but for the most part you could find me watching TV Land, Game Show Network, and Nick at Night. Here are the shows that I believe can never be topped:

The Wonder Years
Air Date: 1988-1993
My Dreamboat: Kevin Arnold (Fred Savage)
Why it makes the list: The Wonder Years is based in the 1960's and recalls what it was like to be a Jr. High student during those years. This show taps into my love for all things 60's-clothing, plot line, and music. Kevin Arnold is irresistibly sweet, and his romance with Winnie reminds us all of our Jr. High crushes-awkward moments and all.

The Brady Bunch
Air Date: 1969-1974
My Dreamboat: Peter Brady (Christopher Knight)
Why it makes the list: Like I said before, I am absolutely in love with this time period. The Brady Bunch has some of the best clothing I've seen, it's inspiring just to watch. Of course, the cliche' happy family theme is heartwarming, as unrealistic as it may be. I happen to own seasons 1 & 2, and was made fun of relentlessly for it by my roommates. It only took one episode for them to fall in love as well, and watching the show was a regular activity in our dorm last year. How could anyone turn down such charming people and plot lines? Not to mention the band that was formed from the show-The Brady kids will always be one of my favorite singing groups.

Boy Meets World
Air Date: 1993-2000
My Dreamboat: Cory Matthews (Ben Savage)...notice a Savage brothers theme here?
Why it makes the list: I grew up watching Boy Meets World, and have yet to find someone who doesn't admit to loving every part of the show. It's filled with comedy and the ever important moral lessons we all need to learn growing up. Of course, the relationship of Cory and Topanga is legendary, and I'll admit I would love to model my relationship after theirs. While Shawn is typically the heartthrob of the show, I've always had a soft spot for Cory :) The show was so popular, 7 seasons were made. Only 4 were released on DVD, and sell for around $90. Totally worth it.

Saved By The Bell
Air Date: 1989-1993
My Dreamboat: Zack Morris obviously! (Mark-Paul Gosselaar)
Why it makes the list: Not only are the 80's backwash outfits hilarious, but each episode was filled with scheming, irony, and comedy. Saved By The Bell showed a not-so-typical high school filled with a group of friends who taught us all what it means to look out for each other. With such man-candy as Zack and Slater, dancing and singing performances throughout the show, and the ever developing relationship of Kelly and Zack, the show is instantly charming and lovable.

Match Game
Air Date: 1962-1969
My Dreamboat: Charles Nelson Reilly
Why it made the list: Match Game is up there with the Newlywed Game and The Price Is Right for the best game show of all time. With the hilarious celebrity matches along with the amazing clothes, lights, and prompts, I love this show enough to tivo it every day. Brett Somers, Richard Dawson, Charles Nelson Reilly, and Betty White made many appearances on the show (Charles steals my heart for his amazing pipes that he routinely smoked during the show, although Richard was the usual lady's man). Brett had the most amazing style that I will always envy. Her giant glasses were adorable. The show is great enough to watch on mute, but of course the actual game itself is as worthy as the show's visual appeal.

Growing Pains
Air Date: 1985-1992
My Dreamboat: Mike Seaver (Kirk Cameron)
Why it made the list: Growing Pains is similar in style to Boy Meets World, The Brady Bunch, and The Wonder Years. It's adorable sitcom plots and overall family values make it a winner for sure. It was worth it enough just to watch Mike in every episode, along with little Leo Dicaprio, but the show itself was pretty boss. The show is reminiscent of The Cosby Show (another favorite), and will be one of my top picks as long as I live.

As you can tell, I'm a sucker for corny-family-friendly sitcoms. Happy Days, The Cosby Show and Full House are at the top of my list as well. But really, what is good TV if it doesn't take you somewhere that isn't really realistic, right? Who wants to watch the dysfunctional problems of life in all of their reality? We all want it to work out in the end, and that's what these shows offer. Not to mention pretty boys and ridiculous clothing. So really, what's not to love?

What about you? What shows bring you back to your childhood? Are there any that instantly make you feel at home?

XOXO Ashley

[All photos are from Google images.]