Wednesday, September 22, 2010

When Boredom Strikes Fear In the Hearts of Many...

Pretty dramatic title right?
Lately I have been just really stressed out. I can't pinpoint a particular reason, other than my classes are being ambiguous and silly and my job options are not working out, but really, I think it's just one of those weeks. Or months, actually.

So sometimes I just need to take my mind off of it and do something completely pointless for the purpose of sheer enjoyment. Here's a little compiled list of time-sucking websites that do just that for me. (Just click on the link and you'll see what to do)


Now, go do something productive.
XOXO, Ashley

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Hello Reality

I will no longer complain about how much my meal plan costs, my lack of parking space, or my frustration with my education. I am so spoiled.

XOXO, Ashley

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Short & Sweet For September

Here's a small one, mostly because I'm lazy.

Happy Thursday, it's almost the weekend!
XOXO, Ashley

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Dear Autumn, I Love You Because...

You let me wear hats and scarves and pretty things.
You have perfect bonfire weather.
My birthday + most of my friends' birthdays = a prolonged celebration.
(Isn't this cake adorable?)
You mean it's time to get cozy.

Your apples are delicious.
And your leaves are beautiful.

You make hot cocoa spooky.
And give me an excuse to drink nothing but apple cider.

Your colors are so pretty.

You give me reason to dress up like something else.
XOXO, Ashley

Saturday, September 4, 2010

A few weeks in a few photos.

Ay yi yi! These past few weeks have been absolutely crazy folks. I mean CRAZY! And let me tell ya, the craziness is nowhere near over! In just two weeks:
-I said goodbye to my mother
-I had lots of adventures with the boy
-I moved 8 large rubbermades filled with items + my entire car filled with stuff into a teeny tiny room in a teeny tiny apartment
-I began an online class that might begin the end of my life
-I worked on getting a job
-I attended a lot of classes and got really nervous about this semester
-My boyfriend contracted some kind of deadly disease (not really, but we were worried there for a moment)
-I had no time to breathe, let alone blog
-I was very sleep deprived
-I had many hysterical laughing attacks that were beyond control
-I wished I hadn't hoped for summer to be over so much.

It really has been insane. I'm finally having a moment to take a step back and just breathe, although I really shouldn't. There is so much homework and such to do!

ANYWAY, I decided it was time to give this blog a little time and attention, so this post will be showing off my new living space. I'm really pleased with the way my room has turned out. Today I found an old coat rack at the thrift store that I purchased for $8 and gave a little love by painting it bright purple. I can't wait to add it to our living room :)

This is the main view of "my side" of the room.
The Abraham Lincoln head is the best thing I've ever bought from a thrift store, hands down.
I find it interesting that I have a coffee tin and tea box, both drinks I rarely partake of.

Jim Morrison's nipple courtesy of my lovey roomate Jessica :)

I painted the lion this summer using a T-shirt for my reference material. I also felt the need to display my polaroids in a cuter way, so I decided to frame them.

I also created the banner this year with no color scheme in mind. It turns out almost everything I put up is blue, green, and orange, so I guess a scheme evolved after all. The flowers are a decal from Target.
I love using sticks in a vase rather than flowers. They never go bad :)
My closet has by far been the biggest cause of headaches over my entire college experience. Normally it is so stuffed to the max with no organization whatsoever that I dread putting clothes in it every year. This year, however I am proudly displaying it because I have finally found a system in which I can see most of my clothes and they aren't taking over Jessica's side! It truly is my pride and joy this year.
My bed is the top. No I cannot sit up in it, I basically army crawl into it and out of it. The bedspread is an antique quilt I found last fall.
The antlers hanging on the wall are my mothers. She caught them in 1969 with my Grandpa. I absolutely love them!
Our really large shower room
Thanks mom for the decals :) That makeshift coat rack will soon be replaced by a cute purple one!
A sneak peak at our hallway. I found that cute rustic table for only $20.

So there's my mini room tour. Our living room is far from done, so I will postpone those photos for later. Speaking of postponing photos, the rest of the pictures I took from the past few weeks will come later. There are quite a few and I need a good chunk of time to upload them and such. Now it's time for some rest, tomorrow I am celebrating two years with a very cute boy. And let me tell you, they have been some pretty great years.

XOXO, Ashley