Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Thrifting Adventures

I pride myself on my ability to find an amazing pair of shoes at a thrift store that are a). clean/never been worn and b). name brand. Of course, this all comes from experience in a state with about 3 million more people than here. I still enjoy a good hunt, however. Usually the local thrift stores around here are more hilarious than serious. Today was really no exception. Through the piles of doll heads, gigantic pipe-shaped bowls, used Q-tips, and women's bibs I still managed to find a few treasures; namely, a small suitcase circa 1965, an owl pendant necklace, and a chandelier piece that I plan on turning into a necklace-all for under 5 bucks.

Overall it was a successful trip. I've actually been looking for a suitcase such as the one I purchased for some time now. It needs a little cleaning, and I'm hoping it won't smell like thrift (I've had many experiences in which all of my clothes end up with that musty-old lady-moth ball smell just from being around something with its potency). Emily managed to walk away with nothing. If you're anything like me, half of summer's excitement is the yard sales that start to pop up everywhere. If, in fact, you are one of those people you might enjoy this website:
There are some pretty hilarious tales to be read and pictures to be seen.

In other news, I got to Skype with the mister today. I don't know why it took us all of last summer to discover the magic of Skype-this year is a lot more bearable because of it. Our cats finally were able to officially meet. They didn't hit it off as I had hoped-marriage plans aren't in the making yet, but I still hold out hope.

[Christmas with Noah's cat Shady. Unfortunately I couldn't find our picture with Pepito :(]

Tonight I plan on planting myself on the couch and watching all the tivo'd season finales with my mom. I am able to say this openly because I am secure with myself and my love of reality tv.

Have a lovely night, no matter what you're doing. Tomorrow I will be back with some paintings :)

XOXO Ashley

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