Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Hair Affair

Sometimes, I get very tired of my hair. Especially during the growing out process. It's been 2 years and I still feel like my hair has only grown 1/2 an inch. Therefore, in order to spice things up a bit, I decided to make some headbands for the days when I need something new. After only 20 minutes in Joanne's and 5 dollars later, this is what I came up with:
[p.s., puh-leeeeze forgive the horrible photography/modeling. I can't find the cord to my camera so I had to use photobooth, which made everything dark and pixely, and none of the other models were available ;)]

With this one I took a piece of embellishment fabric and sewed flat, metal beads onto it. Then I measured it around my head and sewed it together at the appropriate place.

This was one of the easiest to make. Joanne's sells stretchy sequenced fabric in a variety of colors and sizes. I picked the one I liked best and sewed it together to make a circle.

With this band, I cut a piece of gold ribbon in half. I then sewed the two halves to a piece of stretchy hairband (the kind that you can use to pull your bangs out of your face when you're working out). I covered a large button with some fabric and glued it to the section of ribbon so that it would be on the side of my head.

This is just a simple ribbon sewed into a circle :)

I made this headband so that it can be versatile. I sewed the piece of black cord into a circle and then embellished it with some colorful jewels for a kindergarten effect. It can be turned inside out if I don't want to show the sparkly stuff, and it can also be worn on top of my head instead of around it.

I'm glad I look so happy to be alive in this. This headband is made of 3 pieces of leather braided together and sewn onto another piece of stretchy headband.

I made this one a few months ago with some fabric I found at a thrift store. I braided two pieces of fabric together twice (meaning I made two strands of braided fabric), and sewed each piece onto stretchy headband.

This is just a simple stretchy headband that I glued feathers to in order to make it prettier :) I had a headband similar to this one at one time, however it broke. So I decided not to spend 10 dollars on something like that again.

These plain and simple little headbands can be made simply by cutting strips of fabric off of the sleeve of a jersey t-shirt!

I crocheted this headband during the long winter months. I really can't explain how I did it, but after making crocheted ropes, I twisted them into circles and sewed them onto the headband I made.

Obviously I didn't make this bandanna (I wish. If I were that talented I wouldn't still be job hunting), but I love using scarves and bandannas as hair accessories. Very Rosie the Riveter ;)

Making these was so simple and easy! Try making some of your own. The best part is getting a complement on an original hairpiece and knowing that it's all YOURS! :)

Here's some headband inspiration that I'm loving as well:

[All images from weheartit and lookbook].

P.S., how cute is that first one? I'm hoping to make something similar to it soon. Possibly a felt mustache?

Thanks for taking a look :) Happy Accessorizing!

XOXO Ashley

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  1. Urhm....please teach me your ways! Or, you could always send a gift of adorable headbands to your pal in Spokane... :D