Monday, June 21, 2010

Recipe for a Vacation

Noah, Aaron, Jenna, Colin, & Ian will be here in exactly 8 days, and I am SO excited! I am already dreaming about what we are going to do, what I am going to wear, and what I need to do to prepare. I think looking forward to a vacation and getting ready for it is almost as fun as being on vacation (almost.) Now for the next 8 days I will be passing the time by completing my checklist for a perfect vacation.

1. A cute bathing suit. I have been loving the ones H&M has to offer, and they're so cheap! I've actually given Noah specific instructions to buy me one before he gets out here. I really want the one on the very left of the first image. But really, any will do :)

Now if I only had the model body to go in the swimsuit...maybe next summer ;)

2. The perfect getaway place

Check :)

3. A cute bike to ride with my cute boy
(images from calivintage)

unfortunately I don't think this one will come true in 8 days. But a girl can dream.

4. Shades

I already have around 8 pairs, but I consider sunglasses to be on the same level of shoes. There is no limit.

6. A Camera, for obvious reasons

Unfortunately I only own one of the above cameras, and it's the cheapest one :) nevertheless I am excited to bust out the old fuji instax again, I haven't taken any instants yet this summer.

5. Otter Pops

I don't care what Noah says, they are called Otter Pops and they always will be.

6. Heat

And I'm not talking about 70 degrees with a windchill of 65. I'm talking no less than 80, no more than 100, limited cloud cover, little humidity, perfection. I think this state owes me that much after the month and a week of straight up crap we've had.

7. Summer Tunes

I prefer the kings of summer themselves.

8. Delicious vacation food; campfire, BBQ, breakfast with freshly picked huckleberries, or whatever it may be.

9. And while fireworks would be lovely on any vacation, if it's over the 4th of July it's a necessity.

Sparklers are still my favorite even though I'm terrified to hold them. (seriously, why do we give them to children? they really are dangerous!)

The excitement is bubbling and bubbling and bubbling inside of me! I can't waaaaiiiit! but, as usual, I am already thinking about what it will be like after the vacation and the depressive lack of excitement that will ensue. Oh well, only happy thoughts for the next 15 days. I can mourn after that.

What are you looking forward to these next few warm months?

XOXO Ashley

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  1. What kind of glasses are in the first picture? Under shades. I've been looking for a pair with that exact shape