Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Sick Day

This post from Plog is so inspirational to me. The photos are some of the only colored photos taken during the Great Depression, and are meant to show the effects it had on small town in the US. There are even two pictures from Idaho! I absolutely love old photographs, and these are so stunning I've been looking through them several times. Here are some of my favorites.

To see the rest of the post go to this link:
So beautiful.

In other news, today I am taking a sick day from work. There is some kind of nasty virus going around at the office that I've been fighting for a week and a half. It's taken its toll on me, so I'm taking some time for a little R&R before things get worse. The only good news is that sick days mean Gossip Girl marathons and catching up on sleep & blogging :)
Speaking of gossip girl, I think I might get some highlights like Leighton Meester's. I am desperate for something different, which tends to happen to me (this is why I rarely successfully grow out my hair. I always end up giving in and cutting it). So what do you think? Highlights? I'm still not convinced...

Happy Wednesday! Hope everyone is feeling better than I am!

XOXO Ashley

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