Monday, July 12, 2010

Let's talk about things I want but can't have...

I don't know what it is about me but I think I have an actual disorder when it comes to shopping. I am obsessed...OBSESSED with clothing. It's sickening actually. I have more clothes and shoes than anyone I know in the world (except maybe my mom...which is probably the source of my problem). And yet, I want more! I just love them so much. It's an honest hobby of myself. Ironically I never feel like I look that good for the amount of clothes I was able to select from. Oh well, grass is always greener right?

So here is a list of things I can't take my mind off of. It's sad, really, considering I will probably never own a single one of them.

Lovely vintage oxfords from ebay. I have been searching for some oxfords at every thrift store, ebay store, and mall store I go to and have yet to find any under fifty dollars.

Wellies. Oh how I love them. And the fall rain is coming soon after all.
I already own a pair of toms but they are white corduroy which poses quite the problem when wearing them. I tried cleaning them as the website instructed and they turned yellow and splotchy, almost like someone had marked their territory on them. I think the burlap ones are absolutely adorable and would solve all my peeroblems :)

This is such an adorable dress from TopShop.

And this one from Warehouse is gorgeous!

I am in love with this sweet harmonica necklace. I'm sure the boy would be in favor of it as well :) (free people)

Perfection. (free people)

This skirt from Anthro is magical. So unique and yet not over the top.

Seriously, Free People creates jewelry that cannot be topped.

How adorable is this dress from Anthropologie? It's call Cream & Sugar too!

I LOVE this skirt, and it especially gets me excited to put together my wardrobe for my teaching career. I so plan on dressing like a school teacher from the 60's :) (Anthropologie)

I am loving this military jacket from Free People. Perfect with any top.

Clogs. I have been searching and searching for them and cannot find any that I like under 100 bucks! It's ridiculous! These Mary-Jane versions are so chic and adorable, and not too over-the-top 70's (although I do like the over the top ones too :)) (free people)

Do I need words for these boots? (Free People)

Such a soft and pretty dress. Be still my heart.

Everyone who knows me knows I am a sucker for cardigans. Anthro has SUCH a beautiful collection.


This amazing ring from Free People is merely in the 400s...

I honestly think I could wear this dress at my wedding. It's so preeetty. I just love love love it. (Free People)

I love this idea for cowgirl boots! I've been searching for some snake skin ones for girls (or a small size in guys) in order to cut off the tops, but have yet to find any. Meanwhile I look at this pair from Free People often and pretend those are my little legs in them.

I will gladly accept a pair of these heels in any of the above colors. I found the coral pair in my exact size on ebay for only 20 dollars and was so excited. I was winning the bid until the last hour in which I lost them. I'm still not really over it...

How sweet is this dress from Modcloth?

And this amazing moto jacket! I've never seen anything like it. It's such a masculine shape with a feminine fabric. Perfect.

This dress would be so cute on a picnic don't you think? (modcloth)

I've been searching for a new purse for quite some time and cannot find a good one at all! where in the world do you buy purses these days? Although I don't think any can compare to this one from Modcloth.

This beautiful shirt from Topshop is interesting, dressy, and unique. I want!

Man kids, I realllllly need to look into another profession ;)
I'm kidding of course. Although it's hard to watch these things not go into my closet, it's still fun to window shop. Boy am I missing those amazing Minnesota thrift stores right now, so is my wallet!

Well I'm off to finish up my pinwheel prep for the craft I'm leading tomorrow with my clients :)

XOXO, Ashley

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