Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Let's just say I have finals next week, homework this week, and an 10 storage boxes and a car to pack all my belongings into.
Soon my car will be looking like this

and my room will be looking like this

I am a little on edge these days.
So here are some things to brighten my day (and maybe yours)

Cute literary tshirts introduced to me by Miss Emily Petzel

Old people that are adorable.

This beyond adorable dress.

I would get this shirt for my summer job hunt...except I have no money.

These are the cutest. I will be making some of these for our apartment next year!

I love these handmade stamps from pictures! I want one of me and Noey ♥

There now, I feel better.
Now back to homework.

XO, Ashley

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  1. LOVE THOSE SHIRTS, I still really want the Catcher in the Rye sweatshirt...