Thursday, June 2, 2011

Ain't No Cure For The Summertime Blues

I am not a country fan whatsoever...but I can relate to that song.
I have been quite absent from here lately, and believe me it has nothing to do with being too busy. I'm not too sure what has kept me from blogging, but I just haven't had the motivation.

So let me catch you up.
Lately I have been

working here...and not really loving it.

I got a gym membership for the summer. Surprisingly the classes are kind of fun.

My blanket is coming along splendidly, although I'm starting to regret the color choice. (The above picture is not my blanket, fyi)

And I've been skyping with this guy, who the other day pointed out that I have never mentioned his actual name on this blog. I guess I'm just keeping him anonymous ;)

And let's not forget the endless amount of wedding planning going on here. Or should I say brainstorming. The frustrating reality is that we have made hardly any concrete plans. Everything relies on someone or something to make it work, and we are still having to figure out all our possibilities. The biggest challenge was a venue. We have finally settled on one, but it is a public park and therefore presents many challenges as well. I am already praying for good weather because if it rains the day is going to be crazy!
We have a potential band, potential caterer, potential dessert idea, potential decorations, and a potential date. I am so ready to have some plans set in stone I'm going insane! Let's hope that since the venue is chosen some things will fall in place.
I don't want to make this blog entirely dedicated to wedding things, but it's probably going to consume most of my time this summer so there might be a lot of inspiration on here :)

Speaking of wedding things, I made some votive candle holders today based on this post on one of my favorite blogs.

So simple and yet so pretty!

Finally, something is getting done :)

I think this has gone on long enough,
XO Ashley

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