Tuesday, November 2, 2010


This semester is going by SO quickly! I feel like every day there is a long list of things I need to do and want to do and rarely any of it gets done.
This past weekend was Halloween, which happens to be the mister's birthday! We went to a place with laser tag, bumper cars, mini golf, an arcade, and batting cages. They were unlimited so we had a lot of fun :) We also played a game called Redneck Life on his birthday with his family. It was pretty hilarious.
Friday night we attended a little party, and I had to come up with some costumes in a few hours.

Noah and I went as Mr. and Mrs. Fox from Fantastic Mr. Fox...We didn't look very much like them but it was the best I could do with the time given. I sewed a little pouch on my dress that held scissors and paintbrushes like Felicity Fox's dress, but the scissors kept stabbing me so I took it off :)

AND the boyfriend got a HAIRCUT! He looks so handsome now :)

My cutest little nephews dressed up this year as well. Ian was a pirate and Colin was Justin Beiber. I wasn't too happy about that one, but he still looked adorable.

All of this chilly weather has me itching to start knitting and crocheting again, but I need a project! I'm thinking I want to try another blanket. I'm not too fond of the one I did last winter, so I might unravel it and reuse the yarn. I am so inspired by these blankets:

My biggest issue is I do not know what kind of yarn to use. With my other blanket, I just chose a soft one, but the blanket feels like it could fall apart at any minute. If anyone knows of any good blanket-making yarn that is soft and not too expensive, please let me know!

And finally, I wanted to show my last completed project.

I showed a photo of one of these a while back in one of my posts, and I finally made my own :) Noah's mom helped me a lot with the sewing because my hand-held machine doesn't work for this. I'm hoping to make a Minnesota one, but that probably won't get finished for a while.

Oy. I need to get some homework done, among other things. Have a fantastic, magical, adventurous day!

XOXO, Ashley


  1. I could help recommend some yarn to you, but it would probably be expensive...I'm kind of yarn-snobbish. But you should check out knitpicks.com and yarn.com--KnitPicks is cheaper, but you can find some good deals on discontinued stuff on yarn.com too. Tell me what you come up with!

  2. I absolutely knew I could count on you Emily!

  3. Any time. :) Find anything pretty yet?