Tuesday, October 26, 2010

When You Get Behind, It's Hard To Catch Up

So I was planning on doing a little picture post from my birthday events back when it was still kind of close to my birthday. But of course since I planned that things didn't work out. So here it is, 2 weeks late!

The celebrations began with my roommate Kelsey's birthday. We kidnapped her the night before to take her to Applebees and decided to have a little fun with it :)
I can't help but think this looks lie a paparazzi shot, only much weirder and scarier.
Applebees Arabian Nights.
For my birthday Noah took me to a huge corn maze. It was pretty fun because it had an exotic animal petting zoo (Kangaroos are so much grosser than Kanga and Roo), and the best part was a giant corn pool. It might not look like it, but that corn was almost to my waist!

Finally, for my other roommate Brittney and I's birthdays, we celebrated at Chino Latinos in Uptown Minneapolis. Noah came too :)

Now I have to prepare for boyfriendbear's birthday (on Halloween) this week! It really has felt like birthday madness lately, and I'm finding more and more people who were born in October. It really is a fantastic month to be alive for another year!

Let's see if I can set a record for myself and blog more than once a week. Yes?


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