Monday, January 10, 2011

Break is over, say goodbye.

Well, winter break is almost officially over. School starts Wednesday and I am heading back to the midwest tomorrow. So I thought since I haven't blogged in a long while and since I probably won't be blogging in another long while (let's be real here) I'd tie all three of my readers out there over with some of my own blog lovin. Here are some things I've found on the world wide web that I love:

Yard Sale Bloodbath is a super hilarious blog that chronicles two women's yard saleing experiences. Seriously, you don't even have to like going to yard sales to find this blog entertaining.

Even though I don't even like spiders, I can't help but want one of these amazing necklaces from Dollybird (found via I go by Katie)

Calivintage is pretty much always full of magic.

Um...this will DEFINITELY be in my living space next winter. (via Color Me Katie)

This dessert table makes me want to have a party....with a dessert table.

I just learned about this new nail polish by OPI, which I am a little too excited about.

Who doesn't love one? A friend shared with me a few weeks ago and I am completely addicted.

I made a few necklaces out of jersey t-shirts before, but I really want to try these ones. So cute!

Last Christmas I made granny square slippers for more than 7 people on my gift list-I'm thinking about making a few more this year as well, just for fun. They are so cute and so fun to make!

Which also reminded me of these washer necklaces I made this summer. Cute, cheap, unique, and SO easy it's ridiculous.

Time for bed for me. I have a flight to catch tomorrow :)

XO, Ashley

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